Election 2016: Why you should stop worrying and Trust in God, and contribute as a Christian/citizen

Social media is in a frenzy, the likes of which America has not seen in a while. We have forgotten that we have lost many of our American values along the way, and literally all we are doing is griping about the election instead of realizing the opportunities we have here. I will offer a few thoughts, as I do not wish to be gregarious or fuel a revolution, as many seem to be desiring on Facebook.

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  1. Character. Please actually do research on Trump instead of what is presented by the media. What is soundbytes for the media does not give any context for remarks. I am not saying Trump has been articulate, or even decent. We must have context, and he has said many things that raise an eyebrow, but this should not surprise anyone. He is a human, and I would like to remind anyone who can appreciate history that Andrew Jackson, father of the Democrat Party was a slave-owner/trader. Bill Clinton was a womanizer, and a crook  (his wife, Hillary, is also a communist and an unindicted felon who released thousands of classified emails, allowed people to die at Benghazi, and intimidated many witnesses against her husband). If you’re going to use the “He said bad things, groped women; his character is terrible, etc,” then you should abstain until the perfect candidate comes along. It’s not realistic. Do we want someone who is virtuous as possible? Absolutely. But this was literally the “lesser of evils” situation. Acting like the sky is falling because Donald Trump was elected is not really going to help. If you don’t like him, then pray for him. It’s interesting to note the SAME people who are in a tizzy over Trump were the same ones that rubber-stamped President Barack Obama, whose history of pot-smoking, and possible Kenyan citizenship (which makes you inelligible for the Presidency) was completely ignored because he was an African-American (half, I might add.) The double-standard is very glaring.
  2. Vote. By the way, DON’T GRIPE IF YOU DIDN’T VOTE. If you did not exercise your right as a citizen, then you have no call to complain when things don’t go your way. California just passed a LOT of propositions that are very silly. But regardless of your stance, your vote is your action. If all you do it stay home, then you’re not really part of the solution.
  3. Keep Calm, and Pray. This is what needs to happen. You may not like him, but he is our President. Saying “he’s not MY president” is not helpful. We should pray for him. If you are going to join your hands in wringing them, instead clasp them in prayer. The amount of despair being shown is alarming, especially by those who proclaim themselves Christians ad Catholics, is quite unfortunate. We have to remember, our duty is to the unborn. Many Catholics seems to forget in their disgust for Trump, to actually vote responsibly. This is when prayer, fasting, and discernment through mature dialogue goes a long way. Prayer for the Republican-leadHouse and Senate and emailing/calling your representative will go a lot farther than a gripe/shame-fest on Facebook. Arguments on social media are usually counterproductive.Don’t forget the verse 1Peter 2:13 “Submit yourselves for the Lord’s sake to every human authority: whether to the emperor, as the supreme authority.” Many Christians have become very juvenile in their rejection of Trump, and he has not taken office yet. Obama’s policies wreaked havoc; let us see what President Trump does to reverse them, and pray for him.
  4. The Issues. “But Trump may not carry through his pro-life promises.” A common objection and I agree. Hillary has made her stance on abortion CRYSTAL clear. If you voted for another candidate Mike Maturen of the American Solidarity Party or Evan McMullin, an independent candidate, those were also viable options for the pro-Life. If you voted for Hillary Clinton, knowing that she has the stance she does on abortion and knowing where the Church stands on voting for candidates who are ACTIVELY pro-abortion, your soul is at risk. Donald Trump has never put his faith on his sleeve the way Clinton touted hers and Tim Kaine’s (which is ironic, since Tim Kaine is a de facto excommunicated Catholic due to his pro-abortion voting record and liberation theology stances). Trump has said he is a Christian, but as we know, there are various levels of this. Where was the outrage when Tim Kaine, a “devout Catholic” said he’s personally opposed to abortion, BUT.. he won’t vote against it? This is an uneven comparison. Trump has made promises, and now it is time for us to hold him accountable. If you are pro-Life, make your voice heard. Many who voted for him voted for him as a deterrent against Hillary’s genocidal plans. But he is a populist, and that cannot be ignored. Planned Parenthood has already begun imploding and trying to save itself with contributions to Democrats, and Trump has promised to stop funding them with tax-payers’ money. Let us see what happens. I am not saying “HUZZAH!!” completely, but there is no arguing we dodged a Hillary bullet. Trump has also promised more money for the troops, repeal of Obamacare, among other things. Let us see what happens. This is not meant to be a lengthy piece, but if the readers would like to carry on a conversation, please email jefferson.paine76@gmail.com.
  1. There’s the door. If you don’t like America so much, feel free to get a passport and move. America has never claimed to be perfect. But leaving is what quitters do. Do not be a simple problem by constantly throwing your hands up and resigning yourself to “the inevitable.” That’s called surrender. And it’s something that America has only embraced in the recent century. But if you really want to leave, please feel free. It’s your right. But make sure you leave your citizenship behind. It is something you gave up, and don’t try to have it both ways.


This is an exhortation. Please realize that it is NOT the end of the world. This is the United States of America. We have had worse presidents: Barack Obama, Jimmy Carter, Lyndon Baines Johnson (want to talk about racism? Trump never said these things, or was even close.) But we are still getting through. We have a chance to slow the descent; it’s time to roll up our sleeves. I urge rational thought and discussion, but above all prayer. Trump has been compared to Hitler. Hitler skewed the vote in his favor in 1933. Trump has not rigged the vote. Hitler turned Germany into a socialist state. Obama has already done this with “Affordable healthcare,” “legalizing” homosexual “marriage” and failing to protect the U.S. against truly viable terrorist threat in ISIS. No one paid attention. America is paying very close attention to President-Elect Trump. If we submit ourselves to God, then regardless of outcome, we will still be assured that our country will be on the path it needs to be. Have hope, and hold your heads up, and roll up your sleeves. Then we can make America truly great again.

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